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Last Update  03/04/2014
Name/Website  Westminster Presbyterian Church in the United States (WPCUS)
WikipediaURL  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westminster_Presbyterian_Church_in_the_United_States
Congregations  2
In NAPARC  Not a Member of NAPARC
Location  USA: NJ, WI
Publications  The Westminster Guardian
Started  2006
Creed  The Westminster Standards (1647)
Subscription  Full Subscription
Worship Style  Consistent w/ Westminister Directory for Public Worship (1645)
Worship Music  Exclusive Psalmody - A cappella
Lord's Supper (e.g. Wine, Geneva Table)  Geneva Table, Common Cup, Wine Only
Holy/Special Days  No holy-days, except the Lord's day
Bible Version  KJV
Days of Creation  6/24 creation (no exceptions)
Other Doctrinal Distinctives  Strongly oppose Federal Vision theology, Believe in the practice of social covenanting, Ministerial Sustentation Fund, Establishment principle, Women in the congregation typically wear a headcovering in public worship
History  The founders (mostly Seceded from the OPC) were concerned with the perceived spread of liberal teaching within Presbyterianism in the United States and in particular with Federal Vision theology, which supplies a different understanding of doctrines such as justification and the perseverance of the saints. On January 13-14, 2006, the Westminster Presbyterian Church in the United States (WPCUS) was constituted by ministers of the gospel with the assistance of elder commissioners to roll back all the amendments to the Westminster Standards and restore the directories in worship and government to the Constitution of the Church, as they were originally adopted by the Church of Scotland (1645-48) and the colonies of North America (1716).
Notable People  Rev. Anthony Dallison, Rev. Brian Schwertley

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