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Last Update  03/03/2014
Name/Website  Free Presbyterian Church (FPC)
WikipediaURL  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Presbyterian_Church_of_Ulster
Congregations  85
In NAPARC  Not a Member of NAPARC
Location  USA: 18; CANADA: 9; Northern Ireland: 58
Publications  Let The Bible Speak
Started  1951
Creed  NA = The American Version of the Westminster Standards
Subscription  System/Loose
Worship Style  Traditional with Psalms/Hymns with piano
Worship Music  Psalms & Hymns
Lord's Supper (e.g. Wine, Geneva Table)  Grape Juice, Separate Cups, Small Symbolic Table Used
Holy/Special Days   Most Congregations observe Special/Holy days
Bible Version  KJV
Days of Creation  6 days/24 hours
Other Doctrinal Distinctives  Neutral on the issue of Child baptism and mode of baptism, Headcovering in Public Worship, Impose a standard of abstinence on their church members regarding alcohol
History  As a result of the actions of the Presbytery of Down, the elders of the local Presbyterian church were prohibited from using their church hall for a gospel mission. When the elders refused to acquiesce in the decision, they were immediately suspended. All this took place less than twenty-four hours before the mission was due to commence. Those elders had no doubt as to their duty. They could not go back to their church without denying or compromising the gospel. That was something they refused to do. So they decided to leave a denomination that had no difficulty permitting dances and parties of various kinds in its church halls but that, in this case, banned the gospel of Jesus Christ. They proceeded with the help of Rev. Ian R. K. Paisley, their guest evangelist, and Rev. George Stears, a Presbyterian minister who had labored for the Lord for some years in Brazil, to form the Presbytery of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster. The Crossgar people were quickly joined by Dr. Paisley's independent congregation. In the months that followed two more congregations sprang up as the result of Dr. Paisley's evangelism and secessions from the Irish Presbyterian Church. The growth of the new church continued through the years until its witness spread to all the counties of Northern Ireland.
Notable People  Ian Paisley, Alan Cairns

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