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Defining Reformed:

For the purpose of this list: 'REFORMED' churches have at least, a significant system subscription to Calvinist doctrine (e.g. Three forms of Unity, Westminster Standards), faithfully guarding the fundamentals of the faith (e.g. Trinity, Resurrection, Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Bible Alone) and that they are comparatively conservative (e.g. oppose homosexuality, abortion, evolution; and do not ordain women elders). Note: Federal Vision Friendly denominations will not be added.

Defining Subscription:

LOOSE/SYSTEM subscription denominations do not have an list of acceptable exceptions. However, often exceptions are requests for greater latitude regarding one or more of the following areas; the law, baptism, Sabbath observance, the days of creation, repentance unto life, areas of reformed worship, pictures of Christ, and issue related to marriage and divorce. The exception which is allowed can typlically be taught by the church officer, as long as general peace is maintained.

STRICT/SYSTEM subscription denominations there can be a smaller window of allowable exceptions (the most common exception is regarding days of creation; day-age, gap theory). The exceptions which are allowable must be declared before Presbytery, and they can not be taught by the minister.

FULL/SYSTEM subscription which is at the highest point of strict subscription. FULL subscription does not mean the standards are perfect or absolute, however there are no allowable exceptions to the Standards.

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